The economics of using natural gas engine-driven air compressors for a specific facility and application depends primarily on the gas and electric rates schedule for that facility. These energy rates also impact the selection of an optimum energy management strategy for the facility. The energy management strategy must also take in to account the impact of reliability of compressed air availability on plant operations. Click on the shown links for more discussion on each of these topics.

Use the on-line interactive calculator for estimating the preliminary economics of natural gas engine driven air compressors for your facility. This calculator is based on a number of simplifying assumptions discussed in the section on Quick Economics. If the preliminary economics of these compressor is attractive, you may review the section on Detailed Economics and evaluate the detailed economics using the Air Compressor Advisor. You may also contact an expert at the gas company servicing your area or any of the manufacturers of natural gas engine-driven air compressors. They will be glad to help you select the best system for your application and needs





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