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Schwebel Baking Company




1. Site Information
Site Schwebel Baking Co.
Contact Person Paul Schwebel
Title Executive Vice President
Address 965 E. Midlothian Boulevard
City Youngstown
State OH
Zip 44507
Country USA
2. Business Type
Product Description Bread and rolls
SIC 2051
3. Air Compressor
Featured Air Compressor
Manufacturer Dearing Compressor & Pump Co.
Package Model ULTRA-AIR, GRS125
Engine Model NA
Engine Rated Power (hp) 125
Air Capacity @ Full Load (cfm) 585
Air Pressure @ Full Load (psig) 90
Summary of all air compressors at site (4) electric, (3) 30 HP, (1) 40 HP
4. Performance
Energy Consumption NA
5. Duty Cycle
Shifts per Day 3
Days per Week 6
Weeks per Year 52
Hours per Year 7500
6. Costs
Capital $55,000
Installation NA
7. Purchasing Decisions
Who were the decision makers? Executive VP
Why were gas air compressors chosen? Reduced utility costs
Did gas system replace electric unit? Yes (4)
Would another gas unit be purchased? Yes
What are estimated savings? NA
What economic guidelines were used? NA
8. Customer Satisfaction
Overall Customer Satisfaction (1 to 10 with 10 being highest) 8
9. Notes
Source of Case Study East Ohio Gas