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Compressed air is essential in most manufacturing plants, and the cost to produce it is much higher than most people realize. It is not unusual for 30 percent of a plant’s electric utility costs to go toward the production of compressed air. Even more surprising is that the annual electricity cost to operate an electric air compressor can equal or exceed the first cost of the unit.

Natural gas engine-driven air compressors greatly reduce power demand and energy consumption costs. Many manufacturing plants have been benefiting from the economic and reliable operations of these engine-driven air compressors for nearly 30 years. Advances in engine control technologies and availability of standardized packages have further reduced equipment and operating costs of these air compressors.

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Here you’ll find much useful information for your consideration and evaluation of engine-driven air compressors:

  • Why should you consider these air compressors?
  • Who are some of the current users of this equipment?
  • How to evaluate their economics for your application?
  • How do these compressors work and what is their state-of-the art?
  • Where can you buy these compressors?

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